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come back to me - reconciliation spell

come back to me - reconciliation spell

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Reconciliation spell for someone you were romantically involved with to come back to you. They will contact u, regret ending things, apologize, & reconcile with you. Best for no contact situations, breakups, etc. I recommend it with the “forgive me” spell if there’s any resentment. 

*Leave both of your full names (including middle names) and DOB’s in the notes in your “cart”! You’ll receive a photo of your spell in your email when it’s done. Please read my service policies in my Instagram highlights @babydolllabruja. If you do not leave the information asked for in the notes in your cart, your spell cannot be completed. If you forget to add it, respond to your order confirmation email with it.*

If u purchase the come back to me with intentions ($77.77), it is more customized to your personal situation and you may type your personal intentions in the notes section in your cart. 

My reviews/testimonials are on my Instagram highlights @babydolllabruja 

Legal disclaimer: The services I provide should not be used for or in professional treatment or intervention.This is only for entertainment purposes. I am not liable for any encounters that happen after my workings or any other workings to you or the party involved.

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