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sweetening love spell - be sweet to me

sweetening love spell - be sweet to me

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This will make your partner sweeter towards you. Best for client’s who’s partner is being mean or uninterested towards them. Results may be the target expressing words of affirmation (“I love you”, “you look beautiful”, “I miss you”), acts of kindness, giving gifts, etc. I recommend this to those who want to stay with their partner but need them to act sweeter.

The binding version brings two people closer together, strengthens their bond, and is beneficial for commitment. This is a binding spell, meaning it can make the two people permanently bound to eachother and can bind the situation. This spell is meant to be done when the relationship is in a GOOD place and u want them to be more in love or obsessed. This is NOT meant for when you’re broken up, no contact, or just in a bad relationship.

Leave your FULL name and DOB and your targets FULL name and DOB in the notes in your cart before check out. If you chose the binding spell, you may include brief intentions that must relate to what the spell is used for. 

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Legal disclaimer: The services I provide should not be used for or in professional treatment or intervention.This is only for entertainment purposes. I am not liable for any encounters that happen after my workings or any other workings to you or the party involved.

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